Astman Taylor

Our DESIGN philosophy

At Astman Taylor, we believe that the most successful interiors are founded on themes drawn from the inhabitant’s passions or experiences, melded with the inherent character of a building. Layering up individual personality and preferences with elements that spark an emotional response, results in spaces which inspire, enrich and provide comfort and escape – and that’s what we aim to create with every  project.
Our design aesthetic is rooted in a love of craftsmanship. Bespoke, beautifully made pieces with enduring appeal are key to our interiors, whether they’re crafted, collected or curated. Buying with purpose rather than following fashion means we can incorporate pieces which have true longevity, which improve with age and reflect our belief that interiors (and the elements within them) should be cherished through the generations. 
Sarah Astman and Simon Taylor Interior Designers

Astman Taylor Interior Design

We are a fresh-thinking duo of interior designers, set apart by a unique mix of skills and experience. We create uplifting and joyful interiors for our clients by taking time to understand their lives, tastes and aspirations. Every Astman Taylor interior design project is an artistic journey embarked upon together. We layer your personality and style with our experience and creativity, developing spaces are that are unique, inspiring and designed to embrace the passing of time.
Appointing Astman Taylor unlocks a wealth of creative knowledge, reams of practical experience and a tailored process. From the moment you first get in touch with us, you can expect friendly professionalism, clear communication and a realistic attitude to budget and achievability. We’ll initially arrange a site visit (in-person or virtually) which is free of charge – and then provide a quote for the proposed project (whether it’s a single room or a whole building). If you choose to progress, we’ll work with as much (or little) input from you as you like – ultimately delivering an exceptional and feasible design, sourcing materials, curating furniture and accessories, navigating any planning issues and managing the decorating and styling to allow your interior to be seamlessly brought to life.
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The spirit of good design resides in each and every Astman Taylor homeware product.  It’s an eclectic style, rich in references gathered from childhood family homes, cultural and naturalist adventures at home and overseas, and happy long lunches or parties with family and friends.   

The Astman Taylor homeware collection comprises of a range of complimentary products, which effortlessly work alongside one another to create an endearing, enjoyable look. Our ‘Exclusive’ range, which we’ve developed working alongside local artisans,  is made up of meticulously hand-crafted or hand-painted pieces that convey a connected craft story.  This blend of our ideas with well honed artisan techniques has resulted in pieces that are as charming and unique as the people who acquire them.

Designer tableware


New things are great, but we’d love to see more spaces embrace enduring well-made pieces. At Astman Taylor Interior Design, we are all about reducing consumption and embracing timeless, high quality and beautiful furniture and homewares which are not only great for our planet, but also bring character and soul to interior spaces.

We recognise and believe in the importance of sustainable practice.  We champion well-designed high-quality products which are made to accompany the life adventures of our customers. The craftmanship and materials used in our collections are of utmost importance to us.

We work directly with the people who make our beautiful pieces. A number of our ranges are designed here in England and we carefully consider the sourcing of our materials and suppliers, focusing on UK sources where possible.  We always consider new ways of reducing our footprint and believe that our choices should always have a positive effect on people and the environment.


Our credentials

We (Creative Directors Sarah Astman and Simon Taylor) are both graduates of the Inchbald School of Design and members of the British Institute of Interior Design and Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors. Both of us came to Interior Design from different backgrounds and bring complimentary influences and experience from previous careers.
With a background in Archaeology followed by a 17 year career in Environmental consultancy, Sarah brings an appreciation of history and the material artefacts of different cultures, as well as knowledge and passion for sustainable practices. An interest in historic buildings and architecture, material culture, contemporary fine art, and sustainability, combined with a love for travel, steers her toward creating eclectic, luxurious and enriching interiors and curating striking homeware and accessories.
Simon brings a thorough understanding of the property development industry gained through 15 years experience as a chartered surveyor, property developer and town planner, however it is interior design that really fuels his passion. Believing that a consideration for spatial quality and the successful flow and proportion of spaces is fundamental to good design, Simon loves to create interplay between contemporary and historical influences and this is reflected in his layered, timeless and comfortable interior schemes. Simon also leads our town planning service and can provide expert advice and secure planning permission for any building works required.