Astman Taylor

Cotswold Cottage

This charming Cotswold Cottage was in need of significant refurbishment, and we worked closely with a local Cheltenham contractor in striping back and restoring the original materials, and significantly reconfiguring the internal layouts.

Located on the side of a valley in the rural Cotswolds surrounded by rolling hills and woodlands the house has a historic rural atmosphere which provided part of the design inspiration. We used soft, natural materials and floor coverings. The mood is designed to be calm and tranquil, and to provide visual and sensory interest throughout.

We took responsibility for designing the windows and doors, the kitchen, kitchen pantry and bathrooms. before moving on to the wider interior decoration Our interior design drew inspiration from the local landscape, history and culture of the Cotswolds area combining modern re-interpretations of traditional elements with contemporary designs. We designed or sourced all fabrics, upholstery, furniture and art.